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Closure of JNS Urgent Procedure "Extreme effects of thermal overload in special cases of freight operation"

Nedan finner ni aktuell information från UIP gällande den JNS arbetsgrupp som arbetat med temat Termisk överbelastning av hjul

 (publicerat 2022-02-04 av UIP)

Dear all,

 We are happy to inform you that the JNS Urgent Procedure "Extreme effects of thermal overload in special cases of freight operation" was closed.


Please find below additional background information, an overview about the deliverables and an indication of the next steps:


  • 2021: there was a cluster of incidents with burning LL brake blocks after fixed brakes in Italy in some cases leading to secondary damages.
  • 6 August 2021: As a reaction, immediate measures on LL-equipped wagons were imposed by the Italian NSA ANSFISA.
  • 2 November 2021: the measures were complemented by speed restrictions for freight trains operated with IB 116*.
  • 30 November 2021: the JNS Urgent Procedure was launched to analyse the incidents and to define short-term risk control measures as a replacement for the Italian measures.

 JNS UP final report

  • 2 February 2022: the Urgent Procedure concluded with the publication of the JNS UP final report containing three parts:

Part 1: Principles and organisation (

Part 2: Action plan containing short-term risk control measures (

Part 3: Detailed information on the work of the JNS task force (


Next steps & follow-up

  • The phenomenon of flaming blocks needs to be further investigated in the JNS Normal Procedure which is to be launched on 10 February 2022
  • The UIP experts who already participated to the UP will also participate to this NP
  • The open points identified by the JNS UP to be tackled in the NP include the following topics:
  1. Further analyses of the case evaluation, add cases from all over Europe.
  2. Definition of test bench tests for further analyses, under which conditions the blocks will be flamed and / or plastic deformation of the wheel tread.
  3. Further fire propagation evaluation.
  4. Proposals for amendments in standards and regulation.
  5. Analysis of automatic speed control and braking systems (e. g. AFB, ATO).
  6. Updating the short-term risk control measures from the urgent procedure.
  7. Investigate possible solutions to improve the braking system technologies and its operations.
  8. Review the limits and conditions of use for the application of composite brake blocks (Type LL).
  9. Review of the TSI requirements for composite brake blocks (Type LL).
  10. Possible harmonization of requirements for hot axle box and hot wheel detection systems.
  11. Investigate technical solutions to detect directly on the locomotive braking system abnormalities (e. g. hot wheels, etc.).
  12. Investigate possible differences in the production process of composite brake blocks.


The swift adoption of the proposed short measures and their implementation by the Italian NSA ANSFISA should take place beginning of next week and replace the immediate measures imposed in August 2021.

The topic will be on the agenda of our upcoming joint NRB/NSA network meeting on the 9th of March. We will keep you informed on all related developments.


Please do not hesitate to contact usin case of any question you might have.


Kind regards,

Jonas Decressin

Policy Advisor – European and Technical Affairs


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